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Our approach combines detailed spatial design combined with the decorative aesthetic of your interior.


Major decisions at construction stage including the placing of services are made early on in the build or renovation process. A great many decisions on the interior design affect your achieving the final vision for your home. Right down to having enough space for curtains to hang.


Over the years we have worked with clients on both new builds (self builder) and renovation projects and understand that the sooner you get an interior designer involved as part of your design team the more likely you are to end up with the home of your dreams. Whats more you will have acurate detail for tender or fixed price builds



The spatial design process is vital for getting the end result right first time.


Running alongside this process we explore with you the style of the interior, the interior design process.

Surfaces, lighting, colours and textures, furniture, furnishings and architectural detail are all part of the aesthetic; the way the space will look.


Knowing what you want in terms of interior decoration influences the space planning and interior architecture.

The two processes go hand in hand and require early planning.


We will guide you through, and structure the decision process so that you have a logical progression towards the final installation.

This includes submitting all necessary plans to your architect for inclusion into tender drawings - more detail means more acurate quotations.


Once your contractors are on site you will be armed with all the information and detail you need.


We are then still available to you as part of your design team where we can act in a consultative role and later be involved in the installation of interior finishes.















W H A T   W E   D O

Judith Harrop (partner – senior designer)


Has 26 years experience in product and interior design. During this time Judith has honed her design style and produces imaginative cohesive schemes which are executed in such a way to create a space that is right for the client.

Period property is a specialist area as is advising on new builds in the period style. She has proved to be instrumental in clients getting exactly what they are hoping for due to her ability to identify where structural detail will impact on final finishes.


Richard Padgett (partner - project manager)


Has a background in production management and is experienced in managing teams, making quick decisions and solving the inevitable issues which arise during a project installation.

He is responsible for the project management of installation programmes, liaising and negotiating with suppliers and contractors on the clients' behalf.


Caroline Jones (designer)


With a background of commercial interior spatial design later  lecturing in interior design at degree level, Caroline's experience is of immense value. She supervises site surveys, leads on space planning, and co-ordinates our interior layouts with your architect's plans.  


Sally Harrop (finance and administration)


Sally has an analytical mind, she is a problem solver, an 'i' dotter and a 't' crosser. She takes care of the budgets, purchasing, diaries and other important administrative jobs. Her creative side means we always have an extra pair of eyes on the design front.


Wanda (office dog)


Wanda is a tall, elegant, short haired Saluki and sometimes comes on site visits. She is our excuse to get out of the office and into the fresh air and allows us really important ’thinking time’.

















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W H E R E  W E   D O  I T

We are based in West Yorkshire just south of Leeds and operate in the North of England and London.


Our local areas cover Leeds - Huddersfield - Halifax - Bradford - Weatherby - Harrogate - York - Sheffield


However do get in touch, many aspects of our work particularly plans and layouts can be undertaken remotely with minimal site visits

W H A T  I T  C O S T S

As a professional interior design practice our experience and access to resources has been built up over many years and is invaluable to our clients.


However we believe in total transparancy - fee proposals are always produced and agreed in advance and there are no hidden costs.

Each project is different but we think you will be pleasantly suprised at what we can achieve for the fee.


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